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Deck Calculator

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Multiply by 2 to get lineal footage needed.

Prep Work

Be sure to measure your deck boards, widths are extremely important for proper fit of Deck Crown.

Make sure the spacing in between your boards is enough for a quarter to slide through freely.

Is Deck Crown Right For Me?

Measure, cut and dry fit new decking planks. Cut & install in near to same temperature.

Prepare your deck for installation by cleaning it. Powerwash, fill in any imperfections, and sand down high areas. Replace any popped up nails with stainless screws or screws for treated lumber.

Use a floor or seam roller to put firm pressure into decking and remove any air pockets.



Begin to glue and lay out your plank on deck board and even it out length and width wise. (see below)


If you need to make a butt joint, use square to cut edges straight and nail ends down.

Finish ends with 2 small stainless ring shank nails and cap edges with trim.


Color matched edge trim is available. Features texture for traction, can easily be miter cut, warmed up and bent for corners.


Miter cut top textured edge to trim out a perfect corner.

Use a heat gun and bend the trim in place and hold briefly.

The cut is only on one side of the trim. Do not cut all the way through.