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Deck Crown™ Flexible PVC Deck Cap Product Warranty

15-Year Limited Warranty

Plextrusions Inc. (“Plextrusions”) warrants Deck Crown™ flexible PVC deck cap to be free from defects caused by manufacturing, materials and workmanship in manufacturing for a period of 15 years from the date of original purchase. This warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

Plextrusions shall have no liability for defects or damage caused by or in any way attributable to: (a) improper storage, handling or installation of the Deck Crown™ Deck Cap (including, without limitation, failure of Deck Crown™ flexible PVC deck cap to be installed in strict compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in Deck Crown™ flexible PVC deck cap installation instructions) or improper installation or application of other accessories, improper gapping and spacing; (b) neglect; (c) abuse; (d) misuse; (e) repair or alteration; (f) settlement or shifting of the ground, foundation and/or substructural movement and/or movement of materials to which the Deck Crown™ flexible PVC deck cap is attached; (g) incorrect design of the substructure; (h) acts of God including, but not limited to, hurricane, tornado, flood, hail, earthquake, or other severe weather or natural phenomena; (i) efflorescence or performance of paint/coatings applied to the Deck Crown™ flexible PVC deck cap at any time; (j) variations or changes in color, including fading; (k) environmental conditions such as mold or mildew on deck cap surface; (l) lack of proper cleaning; (m) staining from oil, grease, dirt, pets, pet stains (or other external substance); (n) environmental hazards or conditions; (o) any cause other than materials, manufacture and workmanship in manufacturing defects attributable to Plextrusions.

Deck Crown™ flexible PVC deck cap must be installed according to Plextrusion’s printed installation instructions. Failure to properly install Deck Crown™ flexible PVC deck cap per the Deck Crown’s™ published instructions voids the warranty.

The purchaser is solely responsible for determining the suitability of Deck Crown™ flexible PVC deck cap for its intended application, including whether the product conforms to applicable building codes or safety regulations in a particular area.

Plextrusions’ liability under this warranty is limited solely and exclusively to the replacement of the defective Deck Crown™ flexible PVC deck cap and in no event shall Plextrusions be liable for labor, installation, reinstallation, freight, taxes or any other charge related to defective product. In no circumstance shall any other Deck Crown™ product, including but not limited to Deck Crown™ adhesives, Deck Crown™ rollers, etc…, be included in this warranty.

Plextrusions shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, punitive, consequential, exemplary or other damages of any kind whatsoever, whether any such claim is based upon theories of contract, warranty, negligence, tort, strict liability or otherwise.

No dealer, person or entity is authorized by Plextrusions to make statements or representations regarding the performance of Deck Crown™ product except as contained in this warranty and Plextrusions shall not be bound by any such statements other than those contained in this warranty.

Plextrusion’s replacement of defective Deck Crown™ flexible PVC deck cap SHALL BE THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY for any defect described in this warranty. Plextrusions shall not be liable for the condition of the substructure prior to installation or following removal of Deck Crown™ flexible PVC deck cap. THIS WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR PURPOSE, OR OTHER WARRANTY OF QUALITY, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, LIABILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS OF PLEXTRUSIONS.

To file a claim under this warranty, the original purchaser must provide written notice to Plextrusions within thirty (30) days after discovery of any claimed defect or failure covered by this warranty and prior to beginning any repair. The notice must include a proof of purchase, including the date and location purchased, along with the original purchase invoice, must describe the location and details of the defect and must include photos of the product showing the defect or failure. All claims under this warranty must be addressed to Plextrusions, Inc., 3489 Sawmill Road, Copley, Ohio 44321. A Plextrusions representative must be granted access to or supplied a sample of the alleged defective Deck Crown™ flexible PVC deck cap for inspection if requested. Upon verification of a claim, Plextrusions shall arrange for the delivery of the replacement product at the cost of the purchaser. Plextrusions will not be liable for any products repaired or replaced without prior written consent from Plextrusions.

Acceptance of any replacement materials by purchaser from Plextrusions pursuant to this warranty shall constitute a settlement and release of all claims held by any covered person hereunder for damages or other relief.

Plextrusions reserves the right to modify or discontinue any of its products without notice and shall not be liable as a result of such modification or discontinuation.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

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